Short Meditation

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This is a short Meditation, specially designed for the beginners. Get a comfortable sitting position. Close your eyes. Take your first deep breath and while exhaling say to yourself mentally “body it is time to relax”. Recall you’re your previous experience of deep physical relaxation.

Then take a second deep breath and while exhaling say to yourself mentally ‘mind it is time to relax”. Recall your previous experience of deep mental relaxation.

Now take your third deep breath and say to yourself mentally “I am now at my starting point where I can use my mind for any purpose I desire.”

Now you are in a state of deep Meditation. Calm your mind by thinking tranquil and passive thought.

Now count Ten to One.

With each descending number feel yourself relaxing more and more.

Now project yourself mentally to your ideal place of relaxation, a place where you can relax as long as you want.

Or you can project yourself to a beautiful place where you can rest without any disturbance. This place can be a bank of a river, can be a mountain top or can be a forest.

Feel the peacefulness of mind within yourself while practicing Meditation.

Feel the gentle breeze.

Feel the fragrance of the wild flowers.

Feel a deep love for life.

Its feel wonderful to be in a state of deep relaxation, feel the feelings.

You can relax for hours, but as a beginner, always start with a short time period, it may be 10 to 15 minutes.

Now say to yourself mentally “now I will count 1 to 5, at the count of 5 I will open my eyes, be wide awake, feeling fine and in perfect health, feeling better than before, feeling as if I have had a right amount of deep, healthy and refreshing sleep.”

Now at the count of five open your eyes, and feel as you said just before opening your eyes.