Meditation and Self-development

We have divided this article in three sections.

  1. Self-Confidence
  2. Self-Esteem or Self-Respect
  3. Self-Healing


While you meditating focus on your greatest strengths. Even DO NOT focus on your weakness. DO NOT try to get rid of your weakness. Just notice your strengths. Find out your greatest virtues. Focus on your qualifications. Recall your previous achievements. Rediscover yourself as a great human being. This will boost up your confidence.

Self-Esteem or Self-Respect:

As you practice focusing on self-strengths while practicing Meditation your respect for yourself will continue to increase. When you rediscover yourself as a greater human being you will start respect the “Self” within you. DO NOT regret for anything that happened in past. Focus on present. Honor yourself. Reevaluate yourself as a person who has compassion, love and empathy for the whole mankind. Feel the oneness.


You can heal yourself through Meditation. But REMEMBER, Meditation is not an alternative for medication. There are two types of healing-Physical Healing and Mental Healing.

Though practicing Meditation itself improves immune system, you can use it to heal yourself. If you need healing, then at the state of deep meditation imagine a big white screen in front of you, at a distance. Place it little higher than of your eye-level. Now if you have minor health or mental problem, just visualize yourself on that white screen as fully recovered, healthy and happy. Practice visualizing daily. But if you have major health or mental problem then just visualize yourself recovering gradually at a logical growth. Practice visualizing everyday.

Practice Meditation at least once every day.