Focus on Nature

When you focus on your innerself, as the first step of Meditation, you will feel a positive energy within you and this positive energy will take you to the second step of Meditation “Focus on nature”. In this stage you have to give your attention towards the world. When you will give your attention towards the nature consciously; you will feel the flow of the positive energy within the nature. This Meditation method will connect you with the nature. It requires you to observe the Universe as a whole. You will realize your oneness with the nature. As you are a beginner in practicing Meditation, it may be take some time to feel the flow of the positive energy in nature, but if you practice regularly then you will catch the flow easily. You can do the following things to connect yourself with the nature.

  1. If you want to feel more connected with the nature first of all you have to go outside. You can choose a place, best if it is out of the civilization, and also quiet enough. You can choose a mountain, forest or lake. This will help you to enjoy the nature completely. But if you don’t have the opportunity to go to such places then any local park will be fine.
  2. Sit down on the ground, or on some dry leaves, or on a rock, then close your eyes and try to see the details of the things surrounding you with your innereye, feel the motion of the air, and of the ground, try to see any animals or insects around you. Remember in this Meditation practice you will not only you, you will find your oneness in all creatures, all conditions and in all things in the world. When you will start to feel the connection of the positive flow between you and nature, you will start to achieve all the things you need to obtain. Through this method you will arrive in an advanced level of Meditation.

 This practice of “Focus on nature”, the second step of Meditation, will fill your heart with kindness, love, spirit of compassion. It will calm your nervous system; take away depression, negative emotions. And it will bring happiness in every day of your life.