Focus on “inner self”

To start the practice of meditation, first of all you have to focus on your “inner self”. And you can do this by practicing “silence” every day 2 or 3 times. Before starting the daily activities sit comfortably in a sound place, you can use a slow music if you wish. No need to close your eyes but if you want you can. If you do this meditation practice without closing your eyes, it will help you to hold the awareness or concentration in your daily activity, whenever you need your eyes opens.

Focus your eyes on a little distance in front of you. Try to keep your body still and allow yourself to get relaxed deeply. Most people repeat sacred phrase or practice counting while practicing meditation, but it is not necessary. Just keep silent for 10 or 15 minutes. It helps to increase the concentration. In the silence mode you can think about any object, or the place you like most, or even a person you love. It means you will not pay attention to the worldly things which are going on around you rather you will be attentive to your inner thoughts. Be attentive to the inner thoughts until you feel a positive flow in you.

When you practice meditation try to keep a smiling face. You will be able to feel the energy or positive flow, try to visualize that this positive energy is passing through every single part of your body. It will transfer an inner peace in you and also around you. To enjoy this peace deeply, sit for a while.

Before starting the day work in the morning try to maintain this practice of “Focusing on inner self” for at least 10 minutes as the beginning step of meditation. And also after finishing the daily activities in the evening, practice again for 10 or 15 minutes. You can practice 3 times a day, it is your preference. After 15 days, increase the time of practice from 10 to 15/20 minutes. The more you will practice meditation, the more you will feel the peace in you.