Focus on Breathing

The Third step of Meditation is the step of focusing on breathing. Take a comfortable sitting position and close your eyes. Breathe in slowly, easily, evenly, and deeply and then breathe out slowly, easily, evenly, and deeply. Notice your breath. Breathe gently and naturally. As your breathing becomes rhythmic, your tensions will relax. Inhale deeply, and exhale slowly. It may be better if you blend the repetition of “OM” with your breathing while practicing Meditation. As you inhale, take in the breath, utter the sacred syllable “OM” silently. Then exhale, take out the breath and as you do so, utter the sacred syllable “OM” orally i.e. with sound.

If you have problem with the word “OM”, then you can use the word “RELAX”. Feel deep relaxation. Take a deep breathe and while exhaling take little more time than the time you take while inhaling. This is a very common practice in Meditation.

While you inhale think that all the heavenly elements of nature are getting in your body. And while you exhale believe that all the toxic elements of your body going out. Release any tension in your body. And continue to relax.

Again focus on your breathing. Notice how gentle and natural is your breathing now. For the next few minutes just focus on your breathing. DO NOT think anything else, just notice your breath.

Say to yourself mentally “Now I will count one to five, at the count of five I will open my eyes, be wide awake, feeling fine and in perfect health.”

Now count one to five, at the count of five open your eyes. Feel the peacefulness of mind.